PrIsM, the cost-effective automation solution ...

ISDE have gained experience with the world's leading suggestion schemes  and can help you achieve this success as well. Our process led approach has evolved to ensure you get the most out of our suggestion scheme software, and this helps you move towards an innovative culture in an efficient way.

Contact us to learn how we can make staff suggestion scheme software work better in your organization, to increase innnovation, reduce costs and improve employee feedback and communication.

Customised to your needs

Our PrIsM suggestion scheme software is fully tailored to meet the needs of your suggestion scheme, and we can provide training and consulting services for those just starting up. We also provide evaluator software that can streamline one of the major hot spots in any suggestion scheme.

Other products from ISDE

Don't forget, ISDE provide a number of add-ons to augment your suggestion scheme designed to help you get the most out of your business improvement program and to maximise employee involvement:

Targetted feedback Request feedback from employees on specific topics such as new products or services ...

Collaborative Ideas On line collaborative idea generation ...

Issues management Encourage employees to report process snags and ensure they get followed up and resolved or escalated...

Employee Recognition For when employees want to say thank you to a colleague for that extra special contribution ...

PrIsM suggestion scheme software

Next Generation Suggestion Scheme Software

Suggestion schemes - Get all staff to innovate with PrIsM suggestion software

Liberate the untapped creativity in your organization and Innovate!

Many leading corporations in fields as diverse as Banking, Aerospace,  Retail and Utilities have implemented a PrIsM next generation suggestion scheme to liberate the untapped creativity and innovation in their organization.

They know that next generation suggestion schemes can provide a route to cost reduction and additional income generation, but they also recognize that their suggestion scheme yields many other improvements to the way their organization performs by:

  • Fostering an environment of change and continuous improvement

  • Improving customer satisfaction, and driving  the ability to respond to the marketplace

  • Increasing employee participation and innovation

  • Providing an unfiltered channel providing feed-back on changes to policy and process.

  • Intelligence gathering

  • Identifying training needs

Suggestion schemes promote team workingAvoid the proverbial Suggestion Box on the wall ...

      ... let PrIsM help you avoid this and other pitfalls

We all know that employee suggestion schemes are not a new concept, and we also remember the failed "suggestion box on the wall" of yesteryear - be careful you don't implement the modern equivalent with poor suggestion scheme software! Next Generation schemes tap into the benefits latent in the organization by avoiding these pitfalls:

  • Lack of Top Management support

  • Poor Employee motivation, because suggestions get lost under Administrator overload and don't get implemented

  • Poor communication about progress to the Suggestor

  • Failure to manage the evaluation of suggestions

  • Failure to recognize the contribution for suggestions

Effective automation with PrIsM maximizes your time and resource

PrIsM is much more than just a database ...

You need a lot more than just a database to manage your suggestions. Read how ISDE achieves effective automation with PrIsM and find out what a properly automated suggestion scheme software should do.

Is my current software up to the mark?

Maybe you already have an in-house suggestion system, but is it optimised for the task and will it be supported and enchnanced by your IT department as the needs of your business change?

Benefits of a PrIsM solution
Employee suggestion scehemes - You need people to have Ideas

PrIsM is much more than just a database ...

Any database can store your ideas, but a suggestion scheme powered by PrIsM will effectively automate the repetitive, non-value adding activities in your process, giving you more time to manage what matters. Here are the reasons you could benefit by using PrIsM.